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The app development steps at a glance:

1st consultation & concept phase:

    • Brainstorming: What should the app do? Which functions are necessary? Which target group should be addressed?
    • Requirements analysis: We work with you to develop a detailed concept, that optimally reflects your needs and goals.
    • Prototyping: Creation of a clickable prototype, to visualize and test the functions and design of the app.

2nd design:

    • UX/UI design: Design of an intuitive and appealing user interface, that inspires users.
    • Branding: Integration of your corporate design into the app, to create a uniform brand image.

3. programming:

    • Technical implementation: Development of the app for the desired platforms (Android, iOS or hybrid).
    • Quality assurance: Ensuring that the app is error-free and performs well.

4th test phase:

    • Intensive testing: Run through various test scenarios, to put the app through its paces.
    • User feedback: Involvement of users in the testing process, to receive valuable feedback.

5. marketing:

    • App store optimization: Increasing the visibility of the app in the app stores.
    • Marketing campaigns: Distribution of the app via various channels such as social media and online advertising.

6. maintenance & updating:

    • Further development: Regular updates with new functions and bug fixes.
    • Support: Answering questions and supporting users with problems.

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Here is an image that illustrates the process of marketing an app to enhance its visibility and rankings in app stores. It shows a marketing team in action, surrounded by digital screens and devices displaying promotional strategies and increasing app metrics.

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Conquer the digital world with your individual app

Nowadays, a successful mobile app is indispensable for companies. Whether for customer loyalty, Increasing sales or optimizing internal processes - an app offers a wide range of possibilities, Take your business to the next level by having a customized app created.

Realize your vision with our experienced agency

As professional app developers, we support you from the initial idea to the final publication of your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With our know-how and our passion for mobile applications, we create customized solutions, that are perfectly tailored to your needs and target group.

Our services at a glance:

    • Brainstorming and conception: We support you in designing your app and work with you to develop a viable concept, that optimally combines your business goals and the needs of your users and is realized through professional app programming. The success of your app depends on a good idea for an app and an equally good concept. Many questions arise here, such as Who should use the app? Let the users test the app as early as possible.
    • Design and prototyping: Our experienced designers create an intuitive and appealing user interface, that inspires your users. Prototyping allows you to test and optimize the app even before development.
    • Technical development: Whether native or hybrid apps - our development team has extensive expertise in all relevant programming languages and technologies, to implement your app reliably and with high performance.
    • Quality assurance and testing: To ensure an error-free and user-friendly app, we carry out intensive tests on various end devices and operating systems.
    • App store optimization: We make sure of it, that your app is found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is downloaded by potential users.
    • Maintenance and support: Even after your app has been published, we will continue to provide you with support and take care of updates, Bug fixes and further developments.

Why you should work with us:

    • Many years of experience: We have several years of experience in the development of mobile apps for various industries and target groups.
    • Competent team: Our team of experienced developers, designers and project managers guarantees you a professional and smooth implementation of your project.
    • Individual solutions: We develop customized apps, that are perfectly tailored to your needs, requirements and app design.
    • Fair prices: We offer transparent prices and stick to agreed budgets.
    • Reliable partner: We are a reliable partner, who accompanies you from the initial idea to the final publication of your app.
    • Programming for iOS app, Android app. IOS and Android as a hybrid app to reduce the costs of app development. Cross-platform development also reduces the cost of maintaining your app. By using hybrid frameworks, we can also make your app available as a web app and program it as an iOS and Android app at the same time.

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Here is an image that illustrates the concept of hybrid mobile applications, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It features a range of smartphones and tablets, some displaying the Android interface and others the iOS interface, centered around a large, translucent app icon representing a hybrid app. The background is digital and futuristic, highlighting the advanced technology of hybrid apps.

App development costs: hybrid app vs. native app vs. flutter vs. ionic

Conquering the mobile world - but what are the costs?

The development of a mobile app is an important step, To win new customers and create a successful app, to retain existing customers and optimize business processes. However, the costs for developing an app can vary greatly. In this text, we highlight the differences between hybrid apps, native apps and the Flutter and Ionic frameworks and give you an overview of the associated costs.

Hybrid apps:

    • Definition: Hybrid apps use web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and are executed in a web container on the smartphone.
    • Advantages: Lower development costs, as it can be developed across platforms.
    • Disadvantages: Limited performance and access to native smartphone functions.
    • Costs: 10.000€ – 50.000€

Native apps:

    • Definition: Native apps are developed separately for each operating system (iOS and Android) and use the full functionality of the smartphone.
    • Advantages: Higher performance, Better user-friendliness and access to all native functions are crucial to developing a successful app.
    • Disadvantages: Higher development costs due to platform-specific development.
    • Costs: 20.000€ – 80.000€ per platform


    • Definition: Flutter is a framework from Google for developing cross-platform apps with Dart as the programming language.
    • Advantages: Rapid development, good performance and appealing user interfaces.
    • Disadvantages: Relatively new technology, Not all functions of native apps are available yet.
    • Costs: 15.000€ – 60.000€


    • Definition: Ionic is a framework for developing cross-platform apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
    • Advantages: Simple operation, Large community and many open source plugins support the development of mobile apps.
    • Disadvantages: Performance may be slightly weaker compared to native apps.
    • Costs: 10.000€ – 50.000€


The cost of developing an app depends on various factors, such asB. Type of mobile app, the complexity of the app, the desired functions and the chosen development approach. Hybrid apps are generally cheaper than native apps, but also offer fewer options. Native apps offer the best performance and user-friendliness, but are more expensive to develop. Flutter and Ionic are good alternatives for cross-platform apps, but do not yet offer the range of functions of native apps.

Examples of our app development


speziMED App

speziMED App


You simply and conveniently send us your doctor's prescription by photo and we will supply you quickly and reliably with your diabetic supplies.
Without co-payment and directly from speziMED - your diabetes specialist retailer.


Alumont App

Alumont App


We can supply you with edge profiles, parapet and wall covers,
Roof edge and flat roof end profiles as well as aluminum facades.
We can manufacture your very own customized aluminium products!


Alumont App

the bus drivers


An appointment management app for the bus driver community. It is a community in which you need an account, which is created by an admin if you are a bus driver. You cannot register.


Alumont App



DATUREX GmbH offers a free app for eLearning on data protection and information security. Everyone is welcome to take part in free training courses and continue their education.


Alumont App

QP-systems Service App


The app offers you access and contact to us. qp-systems GmbH is your service partner in the field of services for electronic payment systems.


and many other apps.

Trusted app developers vs. lower costs:

When choosing an app developer, you are faced with a decision: Do you want to work with a trustworthy partner? who guarantees you the highest quality and long-term support - even after the app has been released? Or opt for a developer with lower costs, who may not have the expertise and experience, fulfill your requirements?

Trusted app developers:

    • Higher costs: Working with an experienced and trustworthy app developer is usually associated with higher costs.
    • Advantages:

        • Higher quality of the app and functional app
        • Domestic developers who speak your language and are contractually + legally binding
        • Long-term support and maintenance of your app project
        • Better communication and collaboration
        • Avoidance of errors and delays

Lower costs:

    • Lower prices: App developers with lower costs can save your budget.
    • Disadvantages:

        • Lower quality in the development of apps
        • Contractual commitment, developers located abroad could implement your idea without you
        • Possible problems with support and maintenance
        • Poor communication and cooperation
        • Risk of errors and delays

Further development of the app:

An app is not a static product, but must be constantly developed and updated. When choosing an app developer, you should therefore also think about the future. A trustworthy partner will also be at your side after the app has been published and will help you with the further development and maintenance of your app.


Choosing a trustworthy app developer is an investment in the future of your app. With an experienced partner at your side, you can rest assured,

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