We host your internal telephone system (IP-PBX) for you. This gives you a professional company telephone system.

What is an IP-PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, a term that has been around since the early days of telephony and today essentially stands for telephone system.

This is a private network of telephones that is connected to the public telephone network as a separate system. You can use it to manage your internal telephones yourself as a company, this type of system is common in the corporate sector.


What features does an Astersisk IP-PBX offer me?

1. lower communication costs: With IP-PBX systems, many costs can be saved compared to PBX systems, especially through the use of VoIP. With PBX systems in general, internal company communication can be realized very cost-effectively.

2. easy to set up: Thanks to the location-independence of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks, location changes can be carried out quickly and painlessly. Our service also makes operation child's play for you.

3. enormous variety of functions:  The most important functions include: Authentication, call forwarding, queue management, blacklists, call recording, database storage+integration, interactive voice menus, SMS, text-to-speech, VoIP gateways (SIP, Google Talk...), voice mailbox, compatibility with traditional phone protocols and many more.

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