Ilias E-Learning

Customizable learning platform for your company.

Effective and cost-efficient training for your employees with your own learning platform.

Advantages and functions of ILIAS


  • Personal customization of each user's digital desk
  • Display and management of courses taken
  • Appointment calendar and timetable
  • Learning progress report
  • Personal and public notes

Management course

  • Learning planning for courses
  • Management of face-to-face events
  • Circular mails for course groups
  • Automated notification generation
  • Calendar for managing course dates


  • Group system
  • History and version management for collaborative work on projects
  • Integrated mail system (sent to external addresses)
  • Chat rooms, forums and mediacasts

Test and surveys

  • Question types: Multiple choice, cloze, drag and drop, free text and individually programmable questions
  • Online test with computer workstation check
  • Integrated survey system anonymous/public


  • Whether hosted locally or as a cloud service, you always retain full control.
  • The security of your data and content is demonstrated by NATO's use of ILIAS for explosives training and operational briefings, among other things. NATO and ILIAS

Now even easier with the Pegasus app

Use many of the advantages of ILIAS offline with the Pegasus app.
  • Cross-platform and cross-device availability
  • Mark courses and content for offline use to get access at any time
  • Support for all common text, presentation, video and audio files
  • Individual branding in your company design as desired
  • Extension of functionality possible on request

How can e-learning help my company?

The possible uses of an e-learning platform in a company know no bounds.

Examples of use are the induction of new employees, further training, wikis, acquisition of qualifications or as documentation for products offered.

The advantage over the conventional approach is obvious. Once a course has been created, it can be reused endlessly, which means an enormous gain in time and speed.

Instead of periodically assigning employees to train new employees or even bringing in external providers for training, the same platform can be used across all locations to impart the necessary knowledge.

Furthermore, you don't have to gather all affected employees in one place but can distribute training to all employees.



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