Protect your network with OpenVAS - security that grows with you

Rely on our OpenVAS services to protect your IT infrastructure from the latest cyber threats. We offer customizable security solutions that grow with your business and guarantee lasting protection. With us, your systems stay secure and your data protected.

OpenVAS Management Services as a solution for IT security

We understand the importance of Security management and offer with our OpenVAS Services comprehensive protection for your IT infrastructures. The IT infrastructure protection is a central component of our services for mastering the challenges of modern cyber threats. Our experts work continuously to ensure that your systems are optimally protected through regular updates and professional support.

Comprehensive security scans

OpenVAS covers comprehensive and regularly updated security scans that effectively detect vulnerabilities.

Cost efficiency

As a free open source tool, OpenVAS offers powerful security features that are cost-effective.

Customizability and scalability

OpenVAS is flexibly customizable and supports different operating systems and network devices, which facilitates scaling.

Integration into the security pyramid

The integration of OpenVAS into the Safety pyramid facilitates the identification and prioritization of security measures at every level of the company. With this tool, all aspects of the IT infrastructure can be checked and prioritized across the individual levels of the company. Safety pyramid be optimized across the board. This creates a robust foundation for comprehensive Risk management.

Security objectives and requirements for IT systems

OpenVAS helps us to set specific security goals and define the concrete requirements of our IT systems. With sophisticated IT security strategiesbased on the findings of OpenVAS, we can efficiently minimize risks and sustainably increase system security. This makes a decisive contribution to strengthening our defenses against cyber threats.

Practical implementation of OpenVAS in companies

The implementation of OpenVAS represents a decisive step for companies in order to realize extensive Security tests and a Operating system-independent management of their IT infrastructures. Our focus is on OpenVAS implementation as smoothly as possible.

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