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Welcome to Daturex GmbH, your partner for privacy-compliant web tracking. At a time when privacy on the Internet is becoming increasingly important, we offer you a solution that is not only powerful but also fully compliant with data protection laws. Find out how Matomo can support your business without compromising the privacy of your users.

About Matomo

Matomo is an open source platform for web analytics that enables companies to gain detailed insights into user behavior on their website without violating privacy.

In contrast to other analysis tools, Matomo stores all data on your own server, which guarantees you full control and data protection.

Our Matomo tracking services

Our Matomo tracking services at Daturex GmbH are specifically designed to make your web analytics seamless and secure. From installation and configuration to ongoing maintenance, we ensure that your Matomo system runs optimally and that your data is processed securely and compliantly.

Data protection

Your user data remains protected and private.

In Germany, the following legal bases in particular must be observed for web tracking:

  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)This EU-wide regulation governs the processing of personal data and requires, among other things, clear consent from users.
  2. Telemedia Act (TMG)This law refers specifically to electronic information and communication services and their data protection standards in Germany.
  3. EU ePrivacy Directive (still in the form of the Cookie Directive)This specifically deals with data protection and privacy in electronic communications, including the use of cookies and similar technologies.

Complete transparency

You always know exactly what data is being collected and how it is being used.

Matomo fulfills the requirements of data protection laws such as GDPR and ePrivacy Directive through the following measures:

  1. Consent of the usersEnables explicit consent to cookie tracking.
  2. Privacy-friendly settingsDefault IP anonymization and data protection priority.
  3. Data sovereigntyUser data remain under the control of the website operator and are not passed on to third parties.
  4. TransparencyDetailed reports on data usage and access rights for users.
  5. Local data managementAvoidance of data transfers outside the EU to comply with high data protection standards.


Matomo can be customized to your needs, from custom reports to specific privacy settings.

Extended security features of Matomo

Start into a secure future of web analytics with Daturex GmbH. Matomo offers not only basic tracking features, but also advanced security measures that allow you to effectively protect your data. Discover features such as encrypted data transmission and strict access controls that ensure your user data remains private and protected.

legally compliant

Matomo: Data protection-compliant tracking in your hands.

Compliance and reporting

Rely on Daturex GmbH to not only improve your web analytics, but also to ensure compliance with legal data protection requirements. Matomo helps you create reports specifically designed for compliance purposes so that you can always prove that your web analytics comply with current data protection laws. Use our expertise to effectively minimize compliance risks.

Customizable privacy settings

With Matomo, provided by Daturex GmbH, you can fully customize the privacy settings according to your needs. Whether it's anonymizing your users' IP addresses or managing consent collection, Matomo gives you the tools to protect your users' privacy while performing accurate data analysis.