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We offer you a full IT service as an IT system house. We set up IT landscapes for you and operate your IT systems and applications as a full-service provider. From the procurement of new IT systems and applications to operation, maintenance and support, we offer you everything from a single source. We operate Windows and Linux systems in your networks through to cloud and web services.




Maintenance, operation and support

Virus and spyware protection + removal

Data recovery and backup solutions

Network design

Cloud services

Cyber Security

We manage your IT so that you can concentrate on your business.

Our administrators and IT specialists support you in all aspects of IT and provide a full range of IT services.

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IT operations

The ongoing administration of IT systems and components is fundamental to IT operations. Our system administrators set up IT systems and applications, monitor operations and respond with measures that maintain the function and performance of the IT systems. We also adapt the IT systems to changing requirements. System administrators also perform a range of security tasks. They not only ensure that the IT systems remain available, but also implement security measures and check whether they are effective. To do this, they have very extensive authorizations, so it is also very important for the security of the information network to protect the system administration itself from unauthorized access.

Data management, backup & recovery

Companies are storing more and more data and at the same time are increasingly reliant on it. If data is lost, e.g. due to defective hardware, malware or accidental deletion, serious damage can occur. This can affect classic IT systems such as servers or clients. However, routers, switches or IoT devices can also store sensitive information such as configurations. This is why the term IT system in this building block covers all forms of IT components that store information worthy of protection.

The effects of data loss can be minimized through regular data backups. A data backup is intended to ensure that a redundant data pool allows information technology operations to be resumed at short notice if parts of the actively used data pool are lost. Our data backup concepts therefore also play a central role in emergency planning. The key requirements of emergency planning, such as the maximum permissible data loss (recovery point objective, RPO), are taken into account in our data backup concepts.

Our data backup concepts include not only the aspect of how data backups are created preventively (Backup), but also how to restore data backups to the original system (restore). 

Network & connectivity

Information is transmitted between sender and recipient via various communication channels, such as personal conversations, telephone calls, e-mail, removable media or data networks. Our technical solutions for exchanging information ensure that confidential information is only passed on to authorized persons and is protected during transmission.



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