A CHAT FOR EVERYONE who does not want to leave the integrity and security of their data to chance.

Using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as company messengers is simply not compatible with EU data protection law.

Marcel Kiesslich

Managing Director, DATUREX GmbH

What are the advantages of a matrix-based messenger?

Safety and reliability

Real end-to-end encryption ensures that only the communication partners involved are able to read the messages.

Reliability is guaranteed by the fact that there is no single point of failure or checkpoint, thus preventing data loss through multiple redundancy.

Proven technology

Widespread communication services are based on Matrix technology. These include Discord and Telegram, but also the Bundeswehr's and French authorities' own messengers, for example. Benefit from the positive experiences of these institutions.

Image source: Screenshot of the Matrix presentation at the Web3 Summit


Whether Android, IOS, Linux, Windows or devices such as desktops, tablets or smartphones, you can communicate easily and intuitively with the device of your choice.

All-round carefree package

We at Daturex take care of the setup and customization according to your individual needs. We also take care of secure hosting in Germany using our own servers.

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