HR work
with Personio

A solution for what really
counts: Your employees


HR is the backbone of a
every company

The success of a company stands and falls with its employees.
employees - which is why HR plays such a crucial role.
However, in order to do justice to this, HR
more time and the right tools: for an effective
HR strategy and data-driven investment


Personio makes HR processes
as simple as possible

Whether calculating vacation entitlements or
pay salaries on time - some processes
simply have to be right. Personio automates and
simplifies these processes. Because if you
wrong - or spends too much time trying to find them
the right way - strategic personnel work
work is falling behind.

HR Management

Digital personnel file
Working time recording
Employee calendar
Wages & salaries
Preparatory payroll accounting
Reports & dashboards
Document management
Flexible role & rights management
Onboarding & offboarding
Management of subsidiaries
Single sign-on

Performance &

Performance management
Training management

Personio Conversations

Conversations is a tool in Personio that your internal service teams can use to process requests from your employees centrally.


Career page
Applicant management


People Workflow Automation

Personnel processes are essential for companies -
they stretch like a dome over your teams and
Applications. Minor delays and distractions
feel "normal", but they add up
and can cause you to miss opportunities.


A customized
Solution with deep understanding
for personnel processes and data.
Automations can be configured so that
that they meet the needs of the
of your company.


People Workflow
Automation simplifies team and
cross-tool workflows,
which are managed by the personnel department
and enables HR to
to grow beyond themselves.

For SMEs

affordable and user-friendly
Workflow automation that
to the needs of small and
medium-sized companies
is aligned.


As a certified Personio partner, we are happy to support you.

With Personio, you can use a powerful and flexible software solution to digitize your HR processes. As your partner, we help you to integrate Personio optimally and can advise you individually on technical issues.