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Online marketing for more sales

  • Analysis and advice on online marketing (on-page, keyword, backlinks, conversion, etc.)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Onpage measures
  • Backlink building
  • Conversion optimization
  • Making your brand known
  • Optimization of advertising measures (SEA)
  • Copywriting for your online store
  • Content structure and consulting
  • Help with ranking losses

Small changes - big impact

Analyze your website regularly to detect possible technical problems and faults in the process. Make it as easy as possible for your customer to buy or contact you. Optimize the critical path as much as possible.

Carry out tests e.g. so-called A / B tests with two different ways of displaying the same content. It is sometimes surprising how small changes can lead to enormously higher conversions on the page. Tests show that changing the color or wording of a button (call-to-action) can be enough to achieve a conversion rate up to 200 % higher.

The Technical optimization of a website is based on the one hand on watching the page load and optimizing images and executable scripts and setting them to asynchronous, on the other hand important content must be loaded first and within 3 seconds.

We are happy to support you with our Web development

Marketing can be difficult.

That is why we are happy to support you with the following services.

Brand Design & Strategy

We work with you to translate your vision and your corporate culture. We use strategic concepts to position your brand on the market.

Social Media Management

Our social media managers are perfect communication managers who are responsible for the strategic communication of your organization in online social media.

Audience Analytics

Find out more about your target group and your visitors with the right tools and website data processing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization - refers to measures that serve to increase the visibility of a website and its content for users of a web search engine. 

Copywriting & Strategy

Content is king is a tried and tested SEO wisdom, we produce blog posts and content for your marketing campaigns at the same time.

Workshops & Training

Your employees and their behavior are the key to a successful marketing concept. We train and coach your employees on the concepts we have developed.

Web development

 For marketing purposes, it is important that the website visually appeals to the target group as soon as the website is loaded and that it functions technically flawlessly.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is the sending of a commercial message, usually to a group of people, by email.

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