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Web development

As a full-service provider, we offer you professional web development in 4 steps:

  1. Concept
  2. Design
  3. Programming
  4. Operation

We then take care of Marketing for visibility and success.


  • fail-safe and worldwide Scalable systems
  • Use of the latest frameworks and programming languages, which are also used in large corporations and major projects
  • We reach all devices and platforms
  • automatic Backups and encryption

What do your customers / visitors expect from your website?

  • added value through information, products or services
  • attractive Pictures and readable information
  • frustration free and Fast results
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • a recognizable and good experience with every device

What does Google expect from your website?

Goals that Google sets:

  1. Time until usability: The user wants to see content that is visible without scrolling as quickly as possible. Important content must within 3 seconds be loaded.
  2. Total requests: The total number of Resource requests should be between 80 and 100.
  3. Website size: All resources of a website should be not larger than 1 MB be.
  4. Relevance: The website must offer added value through well-maintained and readable content.

Website structure explained by Google (in English):

Layout explained by Google (in English):

Did you already know?

The mechanism that reads your website (Google Crawler) only has limited resources and time per website. The search engine automation needs instructions on what it should read, e.g. it is of no use to anyone if it reads your legal notice and wastes time there.


  • Sources of frustration uncover and eliminate. e.g. text input options that feel good on the PC are usually a horror for smartphone users, so reduce content on the smartphone to what is necessary.
  • Every action on a website can be trackedThis means you can analyze exactly what the user has looked at and when he or she left.
  • You can recognize usersEven if they have not yet registered and logged in, you can also monitor users who have placed goods in their shopping cart and if they return later, you can trigger the purchase with targeted vouchers or discount promotions.
  • The analyze the critical path, how quickly the user gets what they are looking for. For example, I can get the customer to contact me more quickly (e.g. action button) or to make a purchase (e.g. one-click purchase)
  • How do the big ones do it? Often you have a website or idea that is similar to other large sites. For example, you have a webshop or a product, now you look at the big providers such as Amazon or Apple and you have suitable inspiration.
  • Average 75 % of users leave a websiteif loading takes longer than 5 seconds.

Mobile pages

Why do users visit mobile websites?

  1. Easy to find: Google leads the user preferentially to mobile websites on mobile devices
  2. Undemanding: Websites do not need to be installed
  3. Intuitive: Your users are usually already familiar with your website from their PC, and this should not change with the mobile view

What advantages do mobile websites offer companies?

  • Created oncewebsites can be executed anywhere, it only requires a browser. Whether on a smartphone, TV or tablet.
  • Adaptable for tablet and smartphone, as well as low development time and costs, as only one source code has to be developed for all platforms, with web code languages (HTML, CSS, JS).
  • The mobile website updates itself automatically after changes for all visitors.

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