As the device is still not available to order in Germany, I imported it from the USA and I have to say it is overwhelming.


Finally being able to connect your smartphone and notebook to the TV wirelessly is a very good thing.


The firmware had to be updated to 2.13 because neither the laptop nor my Nexus 4 could connect to the PTV 3000 with the 1.0 version. At first I was shocked and thought the device was faulty.


Two tips, if it doesn't work update first and if the picture flickers then try another USB power source.


Old article:

The wireless pleasure of bringing the PC / cell phone / tablet desktop to the projector or TV.


And all this in Full HD resolution with 5.1 sound at a distance of several meters without dropouts.


According to Netgear, this should be available for Europe between 22.02.2013 and end of March will be possible. From then on, the long-awaited WIDI and Miracast (prestandard compatible) receiver called PTV 3000 will be available.


This small dongle makes it possible to stream your desktop / movies / games wirelessly to the display device of your choice via Wifi direct connection according to the WIDI / Miracast standards.


It looks like this:




The small lags of these two standards are of course annoying for gamers. However, the last 4 months have shown that the lags have been reduced further and further through continuous software updates.