1h Shopware support & help for your online store


1h Shopware support & help for your online store



Hello and welcome! We are DATUREX GmbH, an official Shopware Partner and plugin manufacturer in the Shopware area. If you are looking for support and Help for your Online store you've come to the right place.

We offer extensive Shopware Support and Helpto ensure that your Online store runs smoothly and you achieve the best possible success. No matter whether you have questions about setting up your store, technical Support or need support with individual functions and Extensions need - we are at your side. With this support product you receive 1h customized Shopware support from us.

Our experienced team of Shopware experts are on hand to provide you with advice and support to ensure that your Shopware-based Online store works optimally. With our Help you can save time and resources and concentrate on growing your business.

Key findings:

  • We offer extensive Shopware Support and help for your online store.
  • Our experienced team of Shopware experts is at your side.
  • We offer support with the setup of your store, technical support Support and individual functions.
  • With our help, you save time and resources.
  • Our focus is on ensuring that your Shopware-based online store functions optimally.

Submitting a support ticket

In order to Support ticket we will need some information from you by e-mail, stating the order number, to [email protected] :

  • Store details: Please give us the name of your online store and the URL.
  • Details of the problem and how we can reproduce it.
  • Access data to the Shopware Administration: In order for us to help you effectively, we need access to your Shopware Administration. Please provide us with the relevant login details.
  • Server access: In order to resolve any technical problems, it is helpful if we have access to your server. Please provide us with the SSH access data.
  • Database access: It is important to have access to your database for error analysis. Please provide us with the access data for PHPMyAdmin.

Communication with our support team takes place exclusively via e-mail. This ensures that your inquiries and all information are treated securely and confidentially.


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