These days, almost everything can be outsourced to the cloud or via web services. It may soon also be possible to outsource image and video editing. Adobe already has good approaches to this and interprets the term cloud in such a way that it is more about software subscriptions (


Then rather virtualization solutions from Citrix ( to outsource all applications to servers.


At the moment, even large software publishers are rethinking their approach. More and more are developing for Linux, even Microsoft is thinking about an MS Office version for Linux.


There is no longer any justification for not switching to such inexpensive, small and energy-saving Thin Clients or ARM solutions.


Companies in particular, regardless of their size, will have to rethink their approach in the coming years.


Many industries are already leading the way. Supermarkets, health insurance companies and banks have been relying on the savings and security benefits of thin clients and cloud use for years. It is possible for every small and medium-sized company to use solutions such as AWS ( is also possible.